Started & Finished Dogs

Last updated 08-21-2016
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Sire: Int’l CH. No-Mars Nitro Vom Beau
Dam: Int’l CH No-Mars Snow Storm (Stormy) Vom Ruger

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5 Black Male Started Gun Dogs with White on Chest.

Field Tested, Shot Over, Walk–at–Heel, Go In & Out of Dog Box, and Point, Hold and Retrieve.
Litter DOB 10/26/2015

Nitro X Stormy Blk Male # 6 DOB 10-26-2015

The two dogs below are considered Pet Quality – $1700

#9 - Pet Quality - $1700
#9 – Pet Quality – $1700
#12 - Pet Quality - $1700
#12 – Pet Quality – $1700

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What I consider A Started Gun Dog

Most of our German Shorthaired Pointer’s listed on this page have the same basic training, some have been tested in the NAVHDA Natural ability Test, (for information on NAVHDA click here the older German Shorthaired Pointer dogs have more training, as we are working with them on a continuing bases, they are priced according to there value as a versatile hunting dog (Duck work, Upland Game, Tracking wounded game, obedience and their overall conformation and whether or not they are breeding stock. The dogs listed below are all familial with the following commands. It is best if you can come here and personally work with the dogs on a one to one basis. We also have Black and White German Shorthaired Pointers for sale. For appointment call
Cell 208-562-7373 ask for Leo.

Will Come on voice or Whistle command (Come)
Will sit and wait to be released to eat(Sit-Stay, Eat)
Will do a field search staying with you (hunt-um-up)
Will point game and hold until the flush, or the gun goes off.
Will retrieve within a 5′ circle from you, most will retrieve to hand (Come Here)
Will be shot over and will not be gun shy,
Will retrieve from land or water, (Fetch)
Will be started on Pheasant, Quail, Chucker, Ducks (older dogs)
Will be Whistle green broke, or started.(Two short go, One long come)
Will be started on healing on a leash ( Heal)
Will be steady on game until the gun goes off, or game is flushes( Whoa stay)
Will track wounded game. (Dead bird fetch)


Hunting & Gun Dogs Ready for Action


No-Mars Black Bird Vom Nitro. DOB 10-16-2015. NAVHDA N/A Prize II

No-Mars Trixi Vom Enzo. Black Female DOB 7/7/2014 NAVHDA N/A Prize III

Elk Vom Enzo. Liver Male DOB 7/7/2014 NAVHDA N/A Prize III

Pups Top Left to right: Tinman Chanel # 4 Liver Male DOB 4-22-14, Tinman Chanel # 5 Liver Male DOB 4-22-14. Pups Bottom Left to Right Tinman Diva # 8 Black Male DOB 4-27-14, Tinman Diva # 6 Black Male DOB 4-27-14.





Tinman X Chanel #8 Black Male

DOB 4-27-14